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Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil - Fun Facts
  • Beneficial for Skin and Anxiety 
  • Beneficial for all ages including elderly and babies
  • Lavender is delicate and safe to use 
  • Has a dynamic wonderful aroma
  • Lavender is versatile and has many uses and is Wonderful for Everyone in the Family

Nervous System Problems

  • Lavender oil is a great sedative 
  • Good for anxiety, relaxation and sleep
  • Improves mood and decreases emotional stress
  • Helps relieve anxiety and depression 
  • Improves symptoms of insomnia 

Skin Health

  • Assists healing low degree burns and scalds
  • Promotes skin healing and prevent scarring
  • Beneficial for rashes, cuts and scrapes 
  • Insects bites 
  • Helps heal sunburns 


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